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60 Day Bodyfit Programme - Print edition, containing 35 HIIT sessions, motivational advice & an extensive exercise bible!

About Bodyfit

Make a change

Struggling to shift weight?

Time to tone up?

Want to improve your fitness?

Bodyfit is the perfect training programme to enable you to achieve your goals 

Why Bodyfit?

- NO EQUIPMENT, the programme requires just yourself, a positive attitude and a personal goal 

- 60 Days, 4 sessions a week, 30 mins a session, a short term commitment for a long term reward

- High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions are used to best utilise your time with maximum calorie burn & fitness benefits

- Suitable for all abilities, tailored to constantly challenge you, whatever fitness level you are currently at

No Excuses - Bodyfit is the answer

Focus Your Mind

Ignite Your Spark

Transform Your Body 


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