Some of my PT clients great stories to share with you...

'From the first session with Sophie I was hooked, it's a bit of 'me' time and it's healthy = no guilt' 'I love being active but I can lack motivation to keep fit, Sophie's programme means that I can turn up and know that I'll work out to my limit.  Sophie sets the pace so I know I'll get that exercise buzz without having to set myself the goals.  I work so much harder than I ever could on my own, I know I'm in safe hands so I can just relax and go for it!' 'I train with a friend, Sophie pushes us both to our limits every week and we are laughing all the way' 'I'm a busy working mum and time is really precious, I was running regularly and thought I was fairly fit, then I started PT and for the same time commitment I'm now becoming all round fit, cardio, strength, core, tone - it's all there in one session, the results from Sophie's PT are amazing.' 

Del Jones, 43  

I first met Sophie when she was running boot camp sessions at the local park and she has now been my PT for almost a year now.  Sophie is extremely encouraging and pushes me to work that little bit harder at each session.  I love the fact that her sessions are never boring and every workout is different each week!  Sophie is full of energy, very personable and she makes each session fun – I would have no hesitation in recommending Sophie! 

Andrea Wright   

As a self-confessed hater of all things gym related, the dreaded mid-life spread and an ongoing painful knee problem forced me to take action when a friend recommended Sophie, and I can honestly say it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. From my first meeting with her I knew I had made the right decision, Sophie took time to understand my goals, likes, dislikes and also took into account my physio’s recommendations.  Now 6 months later my overall fitness levels are amazing and the knee problem has virtually disappeared. Sophie keeps me motivated by varying each session, incorporating a combination of cardio, resistance, circuits and even some boxing which keep me guessing what’s next.  I can’t say each session is easy, she works me hard, but I can say that I haven’t had a session yet where we both haven’t been in fits of laughter over something or other. Looking back to my first session and seeing how far I have come is a testament to itself – there is no way I could have achieved this without Sophie’s guidance.  

Ange C.   

‘I started with Sophie 9 months ago as someone who had NEVER exercised. She took on the challenge of getting me in the gym training twice a week and even enjoying it, which if I’m honest I never thought possible. No two sessions are ever the same, which means there is never any chance of getting bored. Sophie always pushes me with words of encouragement and a huge smile, and she always knows what to say to get the best out of me. I am delighted that I feel so much fitter and stronger than ever before. Thanks Sophie’ 

Anita Wood   

As a 45 year old who was overweight and struggling to find time and motivation to exercise, I have found training with Sophie to be enjoyable and deliver results. After six months, with Sophie's progressive programme, phased target setting and her genuine encouragement, I have lost 2.5 stone and now incorporate regular exercise into my life. Thank you Sophie! 

David Jones   

Sophie designed a programme for me which is challenging, varied and most of all fun. Each session is different, combining cardio, strength and core exercises and I feel as though I have made great progress over these past months. Sophie is a very committed personal trainer and I value her expertise in helping me achieve my goals.  She has such a great positive attitude and is so supportive. She pushes me to my limits and when the going gets tough, her encouraging manner motivates me to persevere and challenge my own ability. I have no hesitation in recommending Sophie as a personal trainer. 

Gill Hughes    

Initially I was unsure what to expect from a personal trainer. However I soon realised that Sophie was going to push me far harder than I would ever work on my own. She has a great personality, getting the balance right between pushing you hard, yet the session being enjoyable and creating a real sense of achievement. Every session is different, ensuring you get a complete workout. I’ve been with her for about 9 months now and I really feel like my fitness has improved. She is also extremely flexible when you need to rearrange sessions at the last minute. Despite knowing I will be exhausted at the end, I really look forward to each training session with Sophie. 

Chris Hughes